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Dysautonomia International needs your help to secure support for Congressional legislation that will provide the US National Institutes of Health with an additional $10M in funding to support POTS research in Fiscal Year 2023.

Research funding is urgently needed to identify more effective POTS treatments because millions of people are suffering, despite trying all of the currently available treatments. Over the past few years, POTS has received less than $2 million a year in federal funding, out of the $45 billion NIH budget. Dysautonomia International has been funding more POTS research studies than the federal government, and that's unacceptable. We need Congress to step up and invest in research the POTS community desperately needs!

Do you live in Representative Katherine Clark's Congressional district (the suburbs around Boston)? If so, please consider signing this petition asking Representative Clark to support $10M a year in POTS research funding for the National Institutes of Health. She plays a key role in deciding federal research funding. If you have friends and family in this district, ask them to sign the petition too!

If you you don't live in Rep. Clark's district, please send an email to your local House and Senate members on the same topic through our national campaign page.

Thank you for being an advocate!


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